Four income streams

Unlike some of our competitors and many other franchises that you may have considered in general in the course of thinking about your next business venture, at The Design Print Distribution Group, our business has 4 avenues of potential income for you to take advantage of, and to build yourself a successful business around.

Four income streams

Graphic Design

All the flyers, leaflets or marketing material you distribute starts with a design.

Some of your customers will bring ready-designed material, but many will want to take advantage of our inhouse graphic design team, to create a flyer or leaflet from scratch.

Four income streams

Print Services

Many of your customers will want you to handle the printing of their leaflets or flyers. We outsource the printing to a network of trusted suppliers, who can handle all this for you.

Your customers will get high quality printed material and you will enjoy an additional source of income.

Four income streams

Leaflet Distribution

Door-to-door leafleting is popular and it is growing. It's the ideal way for businesses to market to a specific audience.

We'll help you build a network of self-employed operatives in your city, who can be relied on to hand deliver the leaflets to each household.

Four income streams

Direct Mail

By using the postal service, you will be able to send your customers' marketing material nationwide, with no capacity limit and the ability to target specifics, like income groups and property sizes.

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Steps to decide whether if a franchise is for you

Starting any business requires you to make lots of decisions. Not least do you have to work out how committed you are to making it work, and whether you have the knowledge and skills needed, but you also need to consider whether you can put in the required time and how much money you can find to support your venture.

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Starting A Door Drop Marketing Business with Less Risk

Are you looking to start a new business, but the idea from starting from nothing is putting you off? Perhaps you don't have sufficient funds to cover potentially huge set-up costs or expertise to hit the ground running. Or, maybe you fear your chances of building a successful business in difficult economic times?

If you're interested in becoming the next franchise owner or you simply have a few questions, please feel free to fill in the contact form below and one of the team will get back to you.

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