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Steps to decide whether if a franchise is for you

Steps to decide whether if a franchise is for you

Monday 25th October 2021

Starting any business requires you to make lots of decisions. Not least do you have to work out how committed you are to making it work, and whether you have the knowledge and skills needed, but you also need to consider whether you can put in the required time and how much money you can find to support your venture. While no business is risk-free, starting as a franchise operator means that you will have the support of those who have been there before, often with a successful path for you to follow as your get started.

Following where others have succeeded
Here at the Design Print Distribution Group, we offer what we believe to be an excellent franchise package, which we are delighted to provide budding new business owners. While this means you will not have complete freedom when it comes to some business decisions, this could be of benefit for many, who are looking to begin a business they can call their own, but with a successful structure to support them.

A franchise option from a successful business can be the ideal solution, but is it right for you?
We understand that a franchise isn't for everyone. With this in mind, here is a little insight into the world of a franchise operator and some questions to ask yourself to see if it could suit you.

  • Are you happy to follow someone else's rules to uphold consistency in the brand?

Buying into a successful brand is key to the purpose of a franchise, so you must be comfortable with it. A brand's success depends on consistency. When you operate as a franchise, you will not be able to change that, but you can certainly share in its success. Your franchise operator needs to know that you are on board with promoting the successful brand they have built.

  • Are you willing to accept that the franchisor may not approve every single change and improvement that you suggest for your franchise?

Of course, many franchise operators, including the Design Print Distribution Group will happily accept suggestions and ideas. However, it is ultimately their decision for many aspects of the business as to whether you will be permitted to adopt them. As a franchise operator, you must comply with standards and procedures set, even those you may not understand or may struggle to get to grips with.

  • Are you prepared to learn from the franchisor and accept their advice and guidance when it's given?

This should be seen as a significant benefit of becoming a franchise operator. After all, you have bought into the success of an already established business, so not listening to advice and guidance certainly could be a big mistake. Free business management advice and guidance from industry experts is priceless, as it could help you to secure your future.

Evaluate all franchise opportunities and find the right market for you
You need to believe in and be enthusiastic about the service or product you will be working with. Consult with franchise professionals and speak with other franchise operators. Even if their business does not interest you, you can get a feel for working as a franchise operator and learn valuable lessons to help get you started. You will also need to create a business plan, identify possible funding sources if required and look further into the franchise opportunities and packages available.

If all this interests you, you can download our FREE Franchise Prospectus to find out more about building your own business under the expert guidance of our team, and call us to discuss your next move. We'd be happy to help.