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The importance of location for a new door drop marketing franchisee

The importance of location for a new door drop marketing franchisee

Thursday 27th October 2022

A door drop marketing franchise needs a few things to succeed. Of course, it requires commitment, and a desire to work hard to build your business (of course, benefitting from a proven business model makes life so much easier than starting from scratch). However, it also needs the right location!

When you join the Design Print Distribution Group franchise family, you will own a territory based on city postcodes. Each patch has around a quarter-of-a-million homes and many thousands of businesses. That's a big market to tap into, so being based in or near our potential customers will make things easier.

The benefits of providing a local service

Owning a local door drop marketing business on your doorstep brings benefits that include:
● Convenience for one-to-one client meetings
● Local for the door drop delivery areas
● Interviewing and employing local door-drop operatives
● Dropping jobs to operatives
● Local business and audience demographic knowledge
● Improved work-life balance, less commuting time
● Supporting 'shop local.'
● Opportunities to become involved in the local community

Why do people prefer to 'buy local'?

Potential clients looking to source door-drop marketing services will often prefer to use local printing solutions. They bring a convenience benefit that saves them time and money. Design Print Distribution franchise businesses are the answer to meet local demand. Our franchise partners can offer all the services of an established countrywide operator yet bring valuable local knowledge to personalise local business printing and door drop marketing services. Providing the service which enables them to support other businesses and the community in which they operate gives plenty of opportunity for our Design Print Distribution Group franchisees to flourish.

Getting the market that's right for you

Our business model is proven and growing year after year. Our franchise locations are designed to give each operator a dedicated territory with a market we know will be large enough for them to succeed. Our franchisees benefit from our expertise and experience and the support we provide to get clients onboard from day one, so there really is an opportunity for ambitious people in or close to major cities to join our growing family.

Local connections build trust

When it comes to attracting customers, many consumers mention trusting a business as a significant factor in whether they choose to use you or shop elsewhere. They are more likely to use the services of a kindred spirit, a local who shares their desires for their area. Being a 'local' will instil trust that can help you secure business over remote competitors. Your local knowledge and insights, backed by Design Print Distribution Groups' reputation for quality and service, give you the advantage over many of the faceless businesses they may have previously turned to.

Interested in building a successful local franchise in your area? Why not get in touch to book a discovery call and DOWNLOAD our FREE Franchise Prospectus to learn more about our Design Print Distribution Group franchise opportunities in your local area?

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